Buttondown vs. TinyLetter

A great newsletter deserves a modern solution.

TinyLetter's been around for a long time, but let's be honest — the tool has lots of bugs and is missing the features you need to easily create a great newsletter.

I feel comfortable saying that because I literally created Buttondown because I was fed up with TinyLetter. Simple tasks like cleaning up Markdown, checking links, resizing images, and making sure the email looked right was a huge hassle. It took me away from doing the fun part: writing a great newsletter.

Buttondown solves those pain points – and more.

Migrate from Tinyletter in mere minutes
Buttondown has a step-by-step guide for migrating from Tinyletter to Buttondown! Here's the deal: if it takes you more than ten minutes, you get a free month of Buttondown.
Give it a shot
Free for your first hundred subscribers
Embeddable widget
Markdown support
Drag and drop image uploading
Email scheduling
Free RSS support
Clean, usable design
Smart embeds
First-party API
Paid subscriptions
Third-party integrations
Multiple newsletters
'Pay what you want' mode
Discussion threads

Kind words from happy writers

I used to use Tinyletter, but now I use Buttondown. The experience is much better.

Kelly Sutton

Why Buttondown and not, say, Mailchimp or TinyLetter? One reason is that, as you’ll see in a moment, Buttondown is simple.

Scott Nesbitt
The Plain Text Project