Automate your newsletter without having it be a full-time job.

We're adding support for newsletter automations to let you send emails to fine-grained segments of your audience, over time, based on their actions and tags and all that good stuff.

You may never need to use automations — Buttondown is designed to be turnkey. But if you've got a more complex or sophisticated content strategy, automations can help you get there — and I'd love to onboard you and get your feedback!

Use cases supported

Welcome sequences and evergreen content

Want to send your greatest hits to subscribers who just signed up? You can do that!

Tag-based and metadata-based conditions

Until now, having to customize certain emails being sent based on the subscriber's metadata or specific tag customizations has required dropping down to the API level. No longer! You can say, e.g., "send 'The Best Python Libraries' to new subscribers tagged python."