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Buttondown's price grows with your newsletter. Start for free, then upgrade as your newsletter grows more valuable.

If you want to supercharge your newsletter with an API, Zapier support, or other powerful features: upgrade to a new plan! And in case you're worried about committing: Buttondown has a thirty day money-back guarantee.

Got more than ten thousand subscribers, or looking for a non-profit discount? Email me and we'll talk pricing!

100 subscribers
1000 subscribers
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Set your emails to go out at any date and time you choose.
Set tags on your emails & subscribers in order to segment & specialize your audience.
Let your emails live on the web in a beautiful online archive
Friendly, prompt customer service.
Support for paid subscriptions.
Customize your newsletter with the power of CSS.
Understand your newsletter's growth and impact through rich analytics
Set metadata on your subscribers to allow rich customization & personalization of your emails
Access your data in real-time via the API
Use Buttondown's powerful Zapier integration to supercharge your newsletter.
Run multiple newsletters from a single account
Remove Buttondown branding from your newsletter
Host your newsletter's subscription page & archives on a domain of your own.

Common questions

What discounts do you offer?

If you commit to a full year, you get two months free!

When can I cancel?

Cancel at any time — no questions asked. If you cancel a paid plan in your first month, you'll get a full refund with no questions asked.

What if I have an uncommon question?

I'd be happy to answer.