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Screenshot of Buttondown's analytics pane, which helps you track your newsletter's growth
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Buttondown makes it easy for you to learn more about your readers.

Whether you're writing a professional industry newsletter or just sharing links with friends, it's valuable to look through your data and see what's working — and what isn't. Buttondown's email analytics tools make it easy and — dare I say it! — fun to examine your subscribers' behavior and of your email's performance so you can send better emails (or just collate your vanity metrics, either way.)

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Where your subscribers are coming from

See which URLs are bringing in the most subscribers over time.

Track opens and clicks

Per-email analytics mean you get an easy funnel of how many folks are engaging with your emails and what content they're interested in.

Subscriber events

Want a closer look into an individual reader's behavior? Dive into opens, clicks, and other behavior for specific subscribers.

Compare emails

Look at multiple emails' statistics side by side to see which ones perform particularly well.

Inbox analytics

Dive into browser, OS, and platform usage to better understand how your subscribers are consuming your newsletter.

The easiest way to run your newsletter.

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