Climate pledge

Buttondown is indie newsletter software. It's doing its part to help stem the climate crisis.

I know, I know — caring about climate change when you're sending emails kind of feels like worrying about the sustainability of your non-plastic straw. At least it's not actual paper, right? I get it!

But every little bit helps, and while the biggest contributors to climate change — very large companies — have been pretty successful in ensorcelling the general public into thinking that the solution to climate change is individual decisions and not systemic change, I'm proud to be a part of a growing vanguard of carbon-neutral companies.

To that end, I've partnered with Stripe Climate and Ecologi to make sure Buttondown's continued growth and success doesn't come at an ecological cost.

Ten percent of Buttondown's profits go towards climate projects to ensure that our world will be in a better place next generation than it is today.

Transparency and honesty

All of my costs and plans are available online for your curious perusal.

Talk to a human, not a bot

I'll reply to you myself: no dealing with customer service agents or middle managers.

Learn about indie development

I write openly and honestly about what I've learned building Buttondown. Join me for the ride!