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Buttondown lets you charge for your newsletter.

Don't worry about handling memberships with Patreon or Memberful or, in some particularly worrisome cases, a very confusing Excel file. Buttondown makes it easy to charge and earn a living (or some nice extra cash) while writing. And all of that money ends up in your pocket.

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Safe and secure

Buttondown processes payments and credit cards through Stripe, which is PCI-certified, encrypted-at-rest, and handles millions of transactions every day.

Easy setup

Set up your account, click a button or two, and you're ready to go.

Keep your money

Unlike most services, Buttondown doesn't take a margin on the revenue you earn: you don't have to pay more money just because you earn more from your paid subscriptions.

In whatever currency you want

Unlike Substack, you can charge in whatever currency you want. Euros, kroners, baht, forint: they're all fair game.

Pay what you(r subscribers) want

Want to allow your readers to support your work without forcing a specific price? Buttondown makes it easy for them to name their own price, and you can choose whether or not you want to gate your writing behind a paywall or not.

Premium analytics

Buttondown gives you the data and insights you need to keep your premium content healthy and profitable.

Kind words from happy writers.

I was spending a few hundred dollars a month on Substack. Switching and saving that money was a no-brainer.
Brian Armstrong
This Week In Jazz
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