Buttondown vs. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus lacks crucial features for you to start your newsletter.

EmailOctopus is a complex, powerful tool, but it lacks some of the most important features that you need when you're building a newsletter.

Buttondown is a more light-weight tool that gives you the same ease of use as EmailOctopus, as well as support for features like:

  1. Scheduled emails that can automatically send whenever you want
  2. A rich, detailed API so you can programmatically interact with your emails and subscribers
  3. Dynamic tagging and segmentation of your subscribers
  4. Friendly 24/7 support
Feature Buttondown EmailOctopus
Free for your first hundred subscribers Because it shouldn't take a credit card to get a newsletter off the ground.
Embeddable widget Have your own personal site? We'll hook you up with the code.
Analytics Dive into individual email performance, client information, and more
Email scheduling Write an email on Thursday and send it out on Friday; queue up an entire month's worth of letters.
Autosaving Never worry about accidentally closing a tab ever again.
First-party API Everything you can do on Buttondown's interface, you can also do with our REST-ful API.
Third-party integrations Setting up your Buttondown account to work with Zapier, IFTTT, Weebly, Squarespace, Ghost, and more.
Multiple newsletters Want to run more than one newsletter from the same account? Buttondown's got you covered.
Archives Because sometimes you don't want your newsletters to disappear into the ether.
Markdown support Buttondown also supports HTML and good old fashioned plain text: whatever your preference is!
Drag and drop image uploading Images are uploaded quickly and securely.
Free RSS support I mean, some people _really_ like RSS.
Clean, usable design Design is more than just how it looks, and Buttondown is designed top to bottom to make it easy to use.
Smart embeds Embed tweets, Youtube videos, and more just by dropping in the link.
Paid subscriptions Buttondown makes it easy and painless for you to get paid for your newsletters. Want to have a free tier? That's possible, too!
Privacy-first Buttondown is GDPR-compliant — and then some. I don't collect any data about you (or your subscribers), and you can turn off pixel tracking and link tracking with a click of a button.
'Pay what you want' mode
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