Buttondown vs. ConvertKit

Buttondown is lighter, cheaper, and better for starting out.

ConvertKit should be thought of more as automation software than newsletter software; it is for businesses who have complex needs for automated workflows and analytics.

It's also extremely expensive; if you have just one thousand subscribers you'll be paying $49/month on ConvertKit, as opposed to only $9/month on Buttondown.

Buttondown allows you to customize and organize your subscribers (through tags and analytics) while still giving you an easy way to compose great emails and grow your audience. It offers the same rich API and easy embeddable widgets that ConvertKit does, while being a more pleasant tool.

Buttondown lets you focus on writing, rather than spending all day working on templates and automation workflows.

Migrate from ConvertKit in mere minutes
Buttondown has a step-by-step guide for migrating from ConvertKit to Buttondown! Here's the deal: if it takes you more than ten minutes, you get a free month of Buttondown.
Give it a shot
Free for your first hundred subscribers
Embeddable widget
Markdown support
Drag and drop image uploading
Email scheduling
Free RSS support
Clean, usable design
Smart embeds
First-party API
Paid subscriptions
Third-party integrations
Multiple newsletters
'Pay what you want' mode
Discussion threads

Kind words from happy writers

Although ConvertKit is aimed at creatives and bloggers, their pricing seems more apt for big businesses. There are definitely more affordable tools available, with similar (and even better) features.

Email Tool Tester

For a while I’ve been following Buttondown on Twitter and am subscribed to some newsletters that use your service. Today I finally signed up for my own business, and I’m digging it very much so far.

Philipp Bosch