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The best tool for small, intimate newsletters

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re sick of having to dig up a couple dozen emails every time you want to send out the quarterly family newsletter, but every single tool that you check out to potentially make your life easier is built for marketing teams trying to, like, “monetize your subscriber base” and “drive positive revenues” — and not just make it easier to share what’s new with your folks on the other end of the country.

Buttondown is… a little bit different than what you may be used to. My first newsletter was exactly that — just for my friends from college and my extended family so they could follow me around on the West Coast. I built Buttondown to make that easier, not harder — and every tool I tried beforehand seemed dead set on the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong, Buttondown has some powerful features as well — you can hook it up to Zapier or take advantage of the powerful API to do some fancy stuff if you really want. But if you don’t want to do that, and just want an easier way to share your updates with folks, all of that fancy stuff recedes into the background and lets you focus on what’s really important: writing.

What is perhaps even more important than how Buttondown works, though, is what it does with your data. When it comes to your family and your personal updates, you don’t want your writing or your subscriber information mined for details and sold off to advertisers or shoved into third parties that you can’t trust. Buttondown’s stance on privacy is, bar none, the strongest in the industry — your data is not shared with any third party and is yours to delete or export at any time.

Kind words from happy writers

I’d also like to add that @buttondown is an absolute joy to use. Hats off, Justin!
Elliot Jay Stocks
Creative Director, Google Fonts
Shoutout to @buttondown and @jmduke for building an amazing bootstrapped product for newsletters, all while being very open to feedback and connecting directly with customers 🙏 Easily one of the most enjoyable product experience I've had.
Head of Ecosystem, Netlify
if you are looking for "newsletter tool for hackers" i tentatively believe the answer is @buttondown full api, compose in markdown, good docs for setting up domain auth, simple subscribe form HTML that you style yourself (or not)
Brian David Hall
Author, Your Website Sucks
I really like @buttondown as a blogging platform, it has the simplicity of Substack but the corporate culture is less toxic.
Chad Loder
Extremism researcher
I worked with @buttondown and asked for some new payment support beyond the supporter single tier / pay-what-you-want options. Justin was great and built it in just a couple days.
Dan Hon
Author & consultant
I write nonfiction and I use @buttondown - indie, GREAT personal customer support, very nice default styling, all the options I want including ones to protect my readers' privacy
Sumana Harihareswara
Open source maintainer
I use @buttondown because it does exactly what I need (manage subscribers and send markdown emails), not more and not less 👍 As a bonus it's made by an indie dev which I love!
Max Stober
Founder, GraphCDN
If you’re considering running an email newsletter, or if you already run one and are considering a change of provider, I highly recommend @buttondownemail. Super-easy app, very fair pricing with a generous free tier, and exemplary support. 💯
Peter Gasston
Technologist and speaker
imo @buttondown is easily one of the best-designed services i’ve used in recent years, if you have a substack you should really consider switching!
Kabir Goel
Engineer, Cal