May 5, 2023

Metadata in your subscriber lists!

A preview of metadata in the subscriber list view

Do you know about metadata?

Metadata is powerful. Metadata lets you store details like name, pronouns, or country on each subscriber.

Metadata is also a little cumbersome to work with, I know. You have to dive into each subscriber's details to see it, and you can't edit it in bulk.

In time, we want to make the email and subscriber list pages truly customizable, so you can choose exactly what details (say, open rate, or total spend, or whatever) are most important to you.

But in the meantime, one quick step in the right direction — if you are collecting metadata via your subscribe form, you now can automatically see it in your Subscribers page. A victory for fewer clicks!

(BTW: did you even know you could automatically collect metadata using your subscribe form? Check out the docs on adding metadata to your subscribers!)