April 20, 2023

๐Ÿ”Š Embed Tiktok clips in your Buttondown emails

It is simply impossible to go even a single week this spring without shipping a new Markdown embed, and this week is no exception. Today, we're adding support for embedding Tiktok clips in your Buttondown emails.

Markdown input
Rendered email
Rendered web archive
Y'all, this whole lo-fi girl thing has some sort of ARG going on?? What do you think it means?

On the backend, Buttondown actually renders this twice: a "rich" embed for your web archives that lets your subscribers watch the 'tok (is that what the youths call them?) without leaving your email, and a "thumbnail" embed for the actual email that goes out to your subscribers (because email clients don't support embedding audio or video.)

Got any other Markdown integrations you'd like to see? Let us know โ€” next up is almost certainly going to be Mastodon.