April 5, 2023

🔊 Embed Spotify tracks in your Buttondown emails

When we launched Soundcloud support, I was politely yelled at for being a hipster:

Soundcloud support is great, but the vast majority of my media is on Spotify. When are you supporting that?

Touché! So, here ya go:

Nowadays, I listen to over-engineered binaural beats to work! They're generic, but fade into the background and make me a productive lil worker bee:

Back in my younger days, though, I was a pretty stereotypical Seattle hipster and would write code to indie folk. My favorite band in this genre was (and is!) Blind Pilot:

And, voila:

On the backend, Buttondown actually renders this twice: a "rich" embed for your web archives that lets your subscribers play the track without leaving your email, and a "thumbnail" embed for the actual email that goes out to your subscribers (because email clients don't support embedding audio or video.)

Got any other Markdown integrations you'd like to see? Let us know!