March 14, 2023
New advanced plans + enterprise pricing!

New advanced plans + enterprise pricing!

It is springtime, which means it is time for pricing changes.

(They're quite minor this time.)

Here are the changes, in entirety:

  1. A prettier pricing page. I suspect that you, dear reader, are not jazzed by the intricacies of a pricing page, but I am!
  2. A new plan entitled "Advanced" (it is hard to think of fancy words that imply "better than 'professional'" yet "worse than 'enterprise'", so 'advanced' it is). It is $139/month and offers the exact same functionality as the Professional plan, except with a 20,000 subscriber limit.
  3. More granular pricing for enterprise customers.
  4. I have — breaking changes alert! — moved the "whitelabeling" and "teams" features from the Standard plan to the Professional plan for all new customers. If you were a Standard plan customer using either of these features, you'll still have access to them at no additional cost.

There are no changes to the free, Basic, or Standard plans.

Hope all of that makes sense! If you have any questions, we're all ears.