January 30, 2023
Sift through the noise quickly with smart filters

When we launched the fancy new filtering mechanism in November, there were two big pieces of feedback:

  1. "This is cool, but how do I just see the total number of subscribers I have?"
  2. "This is cool, but do I really have to futz with all these filters just to see what drafts I have?"

There's always a balance between smart, opinionated defaults and total freedom; the previous iteration of the filtering mechanism was too much on the freedom side. Every page on which you can filter now has a few smart defaults that you can use to quickly get to the information you want. For example, on the "Subscribers" page, you can now see the total number of subscribers you have; on the "Emails" page, you can quickly filter to just your sent emails or your drafts.

I wanted to get this iteration out there because it's a strict improvement over the previous one, but there's more to come.