All your emails, in one place

If you log on to Buttondown today (or, I suppose, any date in the foreseeable future), you'll notice that the sidebar is a little smaller. Gone are the three separate links to drafts, scheduled emails, and archive — in its stead is a combined link, emails, that has, well, all three of those things.

You'll notice that you can now actually sort this list by pretty much anything as well as filter it by status or audience.

This is more of a foundational change than a new feature, I know. But there are important features for Buttondown (filtering emails by metadata or tags; sorting by number of opens; an edit interface that isn't, frankly, hot garbage) that necessitate this change, and it's an easier way to get a sense of your entire writing corpus beside.

This is the first tranche of a number of exciting changes I'm landing over the next few weeks! If you have any thoughts or concerns or run into any issues, please — as always! — email me.

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