Learning about unsubscribed users

I'll be honest. I hate learning about unsubscribed folks. It stresses me out.

But many of you do not feel that way, and want a way to keep track of folks who have unsubscribed from your newsletter. I've been meaning to surface this information for a while, and now Buttondown offers a unsubscribers page so you can learn more about folks who have moved on to greener pastures.

(Unsubscribers are prompted for the reason why they unsubscribed. If they fill it out, that information will be surfaced here as well!)

If you're especially masochistic, I've also added a setting sending you email notifications whenever someone unsubscribes. It is rife with sad gifs.

Hope you find this useful! Or, if you are terrified by the possibility of rejection, then just ignore it. Either one is completely rational to me.

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