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Zapier is a best-in-class automation tool that lets you link together web apps and data feeds to automate workflows and build out processes quickly. (Personally speaking, I love Zapier.) Buttondown's Zapier integration lets you create workflows that both feed into and stem out from your newsletter, letting you do things like automatically create new subscribers and emails or initiate actions whenever you get a new subscriber or unsubscriber.

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Thousands of possibilities

Buttondown + Slack

Get notified in a custom channel when a new address subscribers or churns.

Buttondown + Google

Automatically create new subscribers based on Google Forms or Google Sheets data.

Buttondown + Gumroad

Automatically add new Gumroad customers as subscribers with tags and metadata.

Buttondown + RSS

Create new drafts or publish new emails in responses to new RSS items.

Integrate with Zapier

Kind words from happy writers.

The easiest way to run your newsletter.

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