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Squarespace is a great tool that makes it easy to create beautiful websites. You can enhance your Squarespace site by connecting it with Buttondown — making it easy for site visitors to sign up for updates to your newsletter.

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Why not use Squarespace's email features?

Paid subscriptions

Buttondown makes it easy and painless for you to get paid for your newsletters. Want to have a free tier? That's possible, too!

First-party API

Everything you can do on Buttondown's interface, you can also do with our REST-ful API.

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Buttondown is GDPR-compliant — and then some. I don't collect any data about you (or your subscribers), and you can turn off pixel tracking and link tracking with a click of a button.

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Write in Markdown!

Buttondown uses the best of Markdown (plus things like embedded Tweets and photos) so you can write quickly and efficiently without worrying about clumsy email markup or WYSIWYGs.

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Integrate with Squarespace

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