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Every change to Buttondown, even the small ones. (Those tend to be the important ones, after all.)

More social network integrationsinterface2023-09-20Automation analytics is way betterinterface2023-09-19You can now sort your subscribers by metadatainterface2023-09-18Buttondown now checks for overlarge images before sendinginterface2023-09-16You can now add and remove tags to your automation sequencesfeature2023-09-14You can now pause emails mid-flight to fix typos or add new contentfeature2023-09-12Search for everything (or at least tags and automations)!feature2023-09-11Gift/ungift premium subscriptions through automations!feature2023-09-08Add captions to your images!interface2023-09-05Learn which emails are driving the most subscribers (and payments!)interface2023-08-28You can now programmatically register webhooks with the API!interface2023-08-21You can now view (and sort by) page views in the Emails page!feature2023-08-14You can now view high-level statistics for your subscriber tags!feature2023-08-09Discord webhooks are auto-detected and transformed!integration2023-07-20Clean up your subscribers automatically!feature2023-07-04Learn how many folks subscribe to your newsletter via RSS!feature2023-06-27Get a weekly report on your incoming subscribers!interface2023-06-20More columns for subscriber and email views!interface2023-06-19Customize your subscriber and email list views!interface2023-06-15Made-for-you share imagesfeature2023-06-08A handful of new automation niceties!feature2023-06-06Close out every email with a survey!feature2023-05-31You can now filter your subscribers by date!interface2023-05-29Trigger automations based on survey responses!feature2023-05-24More automation functionalityfeature2023-05-23New webhooksinterface2023-05-22Use subscriber emails as a PK!interface2023-05-19Supercharge your newsletter with automations!feature2023-05-16Subscribers are now automatically reminded to confirm their subscription!feature2023-05-10Send emails directly to churned subscribers.feature2023-05-09Create drafts and emails from your emailfeature2023-05-06Metadata in your subscriber lists!interface2023-05-05Let ChatGPT generate your newsletter...feature2023-05-01Web archives are much fasterperformance2023-04-25Get paid for referring users to Buttondownfeature2023-04-24Less terrible search results pageinterface2023-04-21πŸ”Š Embed Tiktok clips in your Buttondown emailsintegration2023-04-20A timeline to help you better understand your subscriber's journey.feature2023-04-13πŸ”Š Embed Spotify tracks in your Buttondown emailsintegration2023-04-05RSS-to-email just got even more powerful.feature2023-04-04Set an OG image for your subscribe page!interface2023-03-29New and improved analytics page!interface2023-03-28Track your web archive traffic using Google Tag Manager!integration2023-03-24Even more subscriber typesfeature2023-03-23πŸ”Š Embed Soundcloud tracks in your Buttondown emailsintegration2023-03-22A guide to integrating Linktree with your newsletterintegration2023-03-21New advanced plans + enterprise pricing!interface2023-03-14A guide to integrating Framer with your newsletter!integration2023-03-13Debug API requests in the new dedicated requests pageinterface2023-03-10Collaborate with friends and colleagues!feature2023-03-04Poll your subscribers with quick in-email surveys!feature2023-02-28Better CSS inputs in the settings page.interface2023-02-17Better RSS automation fetching!performance2023-02-16A more ergonomic editor toolbarinterface2023-02-07Sift through the noise quickly with smart filtersinterface2023-01-30The emails page loads three times as fast!interface2023-01-27Automate your newsletter with RSS!feature2023-01-23Email analytics are much faster!interface2023-01-19Buttondown's Zapier integration has better error codes now!integration2023-01-17Buttondown makes sure your images are accessible and SEO-friendlyinterface2023-01-16A quick primer on when to use tags and when to use multiple newslettersdocumentation2023-01-11It's now easier to choose the share image (or 'OG image') for an email!interface2023-01-10Improvements to the image editorinterface2023-01-09You can now execute bulk actions through the API!API2022-12-07Buttondown's OpenAPI spec is much better. And on GitHub.API2022-12-06Mastodon supportintegration2022-12-01Just launched, better filtering on /v1/subscribers.API2022-11-30Better subscriber validationinterface2022-11-29Hotkey support!interface2022-11-28Programmatic access to analyticsAPI2022-11-14Stronger bulk actionsinterface2022-11-07Faster archive pageinterface2022-11-02Change the canonical URL of your emailsfeature2022-10-31You can now modify the slug and metadata of emailsinterface2022-10-28Improved writing interfaceinterface2022-10-27Filter your emails by their sourcefeature2022-10-19Launched a glossarydocumentation2022-10-18Better list view filteringinterface2022-10-17Launched this very changelogdocumentation2022-10-12Prettier settings pageinterface2022-10-05Marking past due subscribersinterface2022-09-28Filter subscribers by UTM sourcefeature2022-09-27More descriptive filenames for exportsinterface2022-09-26Sort your subscribers by tagfeature2022-09-14Programmatically gifting subscriptionsAPI2022-09-13Resubscribe subscribers who have accidentally unsubscribedfeature2022-09-12Better email delivery reportingfeature2022-09-08More useful 404 pagesinterface2022-09-05Fancier exportsfeature2022-08-15View webhook eventsinterface2022-07-14Attach files like CSVs or PDFsfeature2022-07-08Secure your account with MFAfeature2022-07-06Send teasers of premium emailsfeature2022-06-03Send old emails to new subscribersfeature2022-03-19