May 1, 2023

Let ChatGPT generate your newsletter...

...well, its description, at least.

I, like everyone else, am having a fair bit of fun with ChatGPT these days! Right now I'm of two strong convictions:

  1. This stuff is really, really powerful.
  2. The prose that it generates is... not particularly good.

One thing that ChatGPT is particularly good at is summarization of rich text. We've quietly shipped functionality to let it automatically generate descriptions of your emails (good for SEO and for client previewing!), which feels like a very appropriate use case: less about generating prose and more about shaping existing prose into a more digestible form.

(If you've got novel ideas for how LLMs might be useful for Buttondown, I'd love to hear them. Don't expect "generate the entire email" to be a feature anytime soon, though — I'm not sure your subscribers would have fun with that.)