The easiest way to run your newsletter.

Buttondown is a small, elegant tool for producing newsletters.

The minimalist interface makes it easy for you to write great emails; the automation acts like the editorial assistant you wish you had, by checking for typos, broken links, or malformed images; the portable subscription widget makes it really easy to grow your audience from wherever you host your site.

And then Buttondown gets out of your way! Buttondown's focus is on pragmatism over richness; it's not the most powerful application you've ever used, but it may be the most delightful.

Migrating your existing newsletter is free and easy!

Save yourself time and money and let me migrate your content and existing subscribers! No coding or manual labor required, and existing subscribers won't have to resubscribe (or repay).

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Built for people like you.

I had been writing my own personal newsletter for years but struggled with how other tools worked. Simple tasks like cleaning up Markdown, checking links, resizing images, and making sure the email looked right was a huge hassle. It took me away from doing the fun part: writing a great newsletter.

I needed a simple, pleasant tool that took the annoying stuff off of my plate. I also wanted something that was for people like me: not a tool that was really built for big commercial sites or complex editorial teams, but for a small user who wanted to spend more time writing than dealing with an interface.

Just enough features.

Third-party integrations

Setting up your Buttondown account to work with Zapier, IFTTT, Weebly, Squarespace, Ghost, and more.

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Paid subscriptions

Buttondown makes it easy and painless for you to get paid for your newsletters. Want to have a free tier? That's possible, too!

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Run by a human

Buttondown isn't a team or a startup or a movement or whatever: it's just me. I respond to every email personally and deeply care about the problems I'm trying to solve.

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Buttondown is GDPR-compliant — and then some. I don't collect any data about you (or your subscribers), and Buttondown is the only newsletter provider that starts with analytics turned off by default. (If you want lightweight open or link tracking, it's a single click away.)

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First-party API

Everything you can do on Buttondown's interface, you can also do with our REST-ful API.

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Write in Markdown!

Buttondown uses the best of Markdown (plus things like embedded Tweets and photos) so you can write quickly and efficiently without worrying about clumsy email markup or WYSIWYGs.

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Track subscriber retention, open rates, and more with flexible, powerful analytics.

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Multiple newsletters

Want to run more than one newsletter from the same account? Buttondown's got you covered.

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Your newsletter, your data.

Most email and newsletter tools operate under one of two business models:

Buttondown is different. I've built it specifically for folks who want a tool, rather than an ecosystem: I keep track of how I spend money and offer customizable analytics options so you can be comfortable with the data you collect.

Kind words from happy writers.

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